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Friends & Followers

SocialStrap has a superior follow + friends system that actually works! Users can finally manage their relationships in most natural way

Groups & Pages

Users can create groups to share their common interests and pages for entities like celebrities, businesses or brands.

Images & Albums

Uploading and managing images is very important aspect of every social network. Users will love albums and features like crop and rotate.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive Bootstrap3 layout will look good on every device. Modern layout and MVC pattern will be easy to work with when it comes to customization.


Easily add more features to your network. Add­on system allows developers to customize and extending almost any aspect of the SocialStrap script

Scalable Technology

You can start small and grow all the way up using scalable technology: Zend, SMTP, Amazon S3, PDO, Caching, DB Sessions and much more.

Full feature list

  • User profiles with four user roles (anonymous, guest, user, subscriber, reviewer and admin)
  • Follow system with 4-tier connections
  • Groups and Pages
  • Real-time live private messaging system (chat)
  • Posts with four levels of privacy
  • Post Youtube videos
  • Hashtags and search for hashtags in Posts
  • Real-time notifications
  • User’s Timeline displaying posts from followed people
  • Images and Albums with image resampling upon submitting
  • Comments on posts and images
  • Advanced friend suggestions
  • User Badges
  • Referral link support
  • Emotions
  • Search for Users, Groups, Pages, Personal Timeline or All Posts
  • CrowdSourced Reports and Review Reports (users can report posts, comments, messages, profiles and images)
  • ReCaptcha anti-bot service integration
  • Responsive Mobile-Friendly design based on Bootstrap v3
  • Single-file translations
  • SEO customization and additional <head> code
  • Banner Slots and custom Message of the Day
  • Custom Logo and Background Image for all users
  • Profile and Cover Image resizing, cropping and rotation
  • Friendly URLs for all Profiles (users, pages and groups)
  • Admin panel for app management and administration

Free addons

  • Facebook Authentication and Login
  • 12 ready to use Bootstrap Themes
  • Mobile Menu (optimized sidebar for phones and tablets)
  • Group Chat - simplechat
  • Splash page / Front page
  • Trending Tags
  • Cool Comments (with auto-resizable textarea)
  • Flood Control
  • Email invitations with referral link
  • Bad Words Blocker
  • Promoted Posts
  • Invites Only (semi-closed network)
  • No Signups (closed network)
  • Custom Footer (copyright link removal)
  • In-Post Advertising slots
  • Sample games
  • Logger - log visitors and block by IP address
  • Cookiebar (EU legislation)

...More on Addons directory