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For managing app settings please login as admin user and click on “settings” link on the top menu.


  • Choose default language

note: facebook buttons (share, login) will be hidden until this is set

note: facebook button (share, login) will be hidden until this is set

  • Load addons

Allow to load add-ons from addons/ folder

  • User can manage groups

note: if you disable this then only subscribers (and higher levels) will be able to create and manage groups

  • User can manage pages

note: if you disable this then only subscribers (and higher levels) will be able to create and manage pages

  • Disable groups and pages feature (only admin can manage them)

disable groups and pages feature for all levels except admins

  • Disable user activation after registration

User activation will not be used

  • Disable Ajax form validation

With this you can disable Ajax auto-validation on field change (spinner effect)

  • Allow public posts so the guests can explore the site

note: By default anyone on the internet (guests) can explore the site, see public posts and explore public groups. You can disable this behavior here. Note: if you disable this then “public” security setting will also become unavailable

  • Max posts per page
  • Max post length

limit max number of characters user can enter in post/comment

  • Number of visible comments per resource
  • Pagination limit
  • Maximum fetches on infinite scroll (0 = no limit) [option depreciated since v4.2]

How far back can user go when scrolling timelines. If zero then there will be no limit.

  • When new user signs up send notification to this email
  • When resource is reported send notification to this email
  • Upon registration follow these users (usernames separated by comma)
  • Min chars for username / name
  • Max chars for username / name
  • Max users to show on sidebar boxes
  • Notification freqency in seconds (heartbeat)

note: How often will user browser send the “Heartbeat” request to the server asking for real-time data such as notifications. This can increase your server load if you have many users and this is set too low.

  • Session lifetime (Remember me) time in seconds. Set to 0 to use php server settings

note: example for 3 months: 7889238

  • Use ReCaptcha

note: it will show up when new user tries to activate account. Not shown if user is registering through facebook login.

Email Setup

  • Email adapter

select smpt or mail()

  • from

example: [email protected]

  • from name

example: My Network

  • (smtp) host
  • (smtp) port (25/465/587)
  • (smtp) security

ssl, tls or none

  • (smtp) auth method

login or open. login will use username/password below

  • (smtp) auth username
  • (smtp) auth password

File Storage

  • Max file upload size in bytes

maximum image size allowed for uploading

  • Max images per post

maximum number of images allowed per single post

  • Max files per user

Maximum number of images allowed for user to upload (0 = unlimited, applies to 'user' role only)

  • Max storage space per user (in bytes)

Maximum storage space for all images combined (0 = unlimited, applies to 'user' role only)

  • Resample uploaded images

after image has been uploaded resample image to fit width/height below

  • Keep original file

after image has been resampled keep original file so it can be downloaded

  • Resample image max width

in pixels

  • Resample image max height

in pixels

  • Choose Picture (jpg, png or gif)
  • Disable custom image

If this checkbox is selected custom image above will be disabled

SEO & Custom Head

  • Additional html for head section - show on global pages

this will be added on all global pages like search or timeline. example: <meta name="keywords" content="social" /> <title>SocialStrap | Social Networking Platform</title>

  • Additional html for head section - show on profile pages

this will be added only on profile pages (users, pages, groups) you can use several tags (variables) here and achieve versatile content for SEO:


example: <meta name="keywords" content="social" /> <title>SocialStrap | PROFILE_SCREEN_NAME | PROFILE_DESCRIPTION </title>

  • Additional html for head section - always show on all pages

this will always be added on all pages - perfect place for your google analytics code.


  • Message of the day

you can add custom message here and it will show on all pages until user clicks on close button, cookie based, leave blank to disable.

  • Top Banner html

shown after top menu just before main content and cover image.

  • Note: under responsive design banner slots are also adapting to the screen size, you can create and manage responsive banners with css media queries or similar techniques.
  • Sidebar Banner html

sidebar banner. you can choose specific sidebar position by editing app/views/layouts/sidebar.phtml file

  • Middle Banner html

shown above posts


  • Choose Picture (jpg, png or gif)
  • Repeat background
  • Scroll background
  • Stretch background
  • Disable custom image
  • Background Color

Themes & Style

  • Choose css theme

you can pick from 12 pre installed bootstrap themes - “Theme Pack” add-on

  • Extra-wide layout on large screens
  • Cover image height

Height of cover picture in pixels. Already uploaded covers will not be affected

  • Users can have custom background image
  • Subscribers can have custom background image
  • Custom css

Here you can add few lines of custom css code for quick and easy layout fixes.

Script Info

  • Network name - Your Social Network name

example: f4ffddfds-ffc2-4455-bfd0b-e319e5cbacb5