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Before you contact us

  • Read the full documentation file.
  • Check if your question is not already in this FAQ.
  • If you just purchased your license please take your time to explore this complex software and all it's features.
  • Use this group http://live.socialstrap.net/webdevs for general question or feature requests.
  • In general, support will assist you if you have installation problems. For other questions please use our community site.
  • Support doesn’t mean customization.
  • We do not support errors caused by modification to the original files.
  • We do not support free and 3rd party addons.
  • We can’t teach you how to code in HTML, CSS, PHP or any other language.

I have a problem

General Troubleshooting

  • check application log file app/log.txt
  • disable error_reporting inside config.php by setting APPLICATION_ENV to "production" (useful on PHP 5.6)
  • remove newly installed addons or language files
  • if you can't reach Settings put your app into 'safe' mode by editing Application environment inside config.php file
  • you can disable all addons by visiting Setting -> General -> Load addons
  • if your problem is solved after disabling addons try to enable them back one by one and see which one is causing problems
  • some addons are overlapping and cannot work together
  • if you've made some modifications to the files restore original ones
  • on slower hosting installation script cannot extract all files from data.zip, extract all files manually and upload them instead

I can't login after installation

This error usually means that your server cannot process .htaccess file where important rewriting rules are applied. See below:

I have Godaddy hosting

If you are on Godaddy hosting then you must replace .htaccess file with the one from this archive http://www.socialstrap.net/misc/godaddy.zip

I have Godaddy windows shared hosting

GoDaddy might not support PDO on a Windows shared hosting plan by default. If you have this hosting package try updating the PHP from 5.3 to 5.4 in cpanel – programming languages.

I have Hostgator hosting

On old HostGator servers still running on PHP 5.2 as a default version replace .htaccess file with the one from this archive: http://www.socialstrap.net/misc/hostgator.zip You may need to repeat this step one more time after installation.

I have my own Linux server with Apache2

  • First, ensure that a .htaccess file is in fact being read, put garbage in it. An invalid line, such as "INVALID LINE HERE", in your .htaccess file, will result in a 500 Server Error. If it doesn't, then you don't have AllowOverride configured correctly.


<Directory /var/www/html/mynetwork>
	Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews
	AllowOverride All
	Order allow,deny
	allow from all

  • Restart your httpd service.

You can try few more variants of .htaccess file from here: http://www.socialstrap.net/misc/htaccess_variants.zip

I am getting error 500 when I click on links

Make sure the script can read and write to all files and folders. If you have socialstrap installed under sub-folder try to add this line to your .htaccess file:

RewriteBase /mysubfolder

You can also try with the above FAQ and different .htaccess variants: http://wiki.socialstrap.net/index.php?title=FAQ#I_can.27t_login_after_installation

What is my item purchase code and where can I get this

I bought this script from clickbank / 2checkout

Please check the purchase confirmation email, your item purchase code should be there.

I bought this script from CodeCanyon

You can see your item purchase code when you click on download button here: http://codecanyon.net/downloads and then on "License certificate & purchase code"

Your Item Purchase Code will be something like this: 9755b6a4c-d817-4ee9-9577-6064af38b923

Check this video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhEHria33mI

I cannot upload images

This usually means that your web server cannot write to all folders. You must change folder permissions (read+write) so application can write images on your server.

Most important folders and sub-folders that need read+write permissions are:

  • tmp/
  • storage/
  • storage/avatars/
  • storage/covers/
  • storage/posts/
  • images/
  • addons/ (and all subfolders)

If you can upload images but you cannot change avatars or covers ("File not allowed or too big") check how post_max_size and upload_max_filesize are configured in your php.ini file or try removing this line from app/lib/Zend/Form/Decorator/File.php file:

$markup[] = $view->formHidden('MAX_FILE_SIZE', $size);

Mobile Phone Support

SocialStrap supports image upload from most modern smart phones. We are using blueimp upload library and you can see compatibility list on their web site: https://github.com/blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload/wiki/Browser-support

Please note that you can only upload small images on live preview site due to limited disk space. We did a test on several mobile devices including android, iPhone and iPad check this: http://live.socialstrap.net/search/posts/?term=%23imagetest

Can I upload videos?

Users can only upload image files (gif, png and jpg). For all other content types you must use external services and appropriate addons. For example, you can link a video from youtube.com and default 'Youtube Posts' addon will create a beautiful embedded media post for you.

I cannot input code with <script> tags

Server is filtering the input or blocking with '403 forbidden' assuming that you are trying to insert malicious code. This feature has noting to do with SocialStrap and has to be disabled on your server or cPanel.

This can be some kind of firewall but it's usually mod_security settings (SecFilter, SecFilterScanPOST). If you can't switch this thing off, talk to your system administrator or hosting company.

I can’t see reviews.. the right pane on the reviews is blank

Nothing is reported yet that’s why it’s all blank.

My users cannot activate accounts

I have this error: Input error: k: Format of site key was invalid Or this error: An internal error occurred: 513DF09EE76F8.AB45083.5D006BC6 This error is coming from ReCaptcha service, your domain name or ReCaptcha key is wrong. Visit Settings -> General and fix or disable ReCaptcha service. Please note that example.com and www.example.com are different domains.

Using SocialStrap

How Can I setup Facebook login?

You need to register as a Facebook developer (https://developers.facebook.com/) and to create an app for your website.

Step by step instructions:

  • Install Facebook Login addon (http://www.socialstrap.net/addons)
  • Go to http://developers.facebook.com and click on Apps -> Create a New App. (Don't select Test App)
  • Enter "Display Name", select a category and click on the "Create App" button.
  • Open your newly created App and check for App ID and App Secret on "Dashboard" tab. Copy & Paste those two into your SocialStrap Settings -> General.
  • On Facebook site click on your App and select "Settings" tab. Fill the field "Contact Email" with your contact.
  • On the same tab click on "+ Add Platform" and select "Website". On following screen fill the "Website URL" field with your site's URL and save changes. Note that http://www.example.com and http://example.com are not the same.
  • Now open "Status & Review" tab and switch ON the first option "Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?"

Video screencast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njyOViBcK-c

What is an add-on and how can I install one?

Please visit this link to find out more about add-ons: Quick introductions to add-ons

Can I remove branding / footer link?

Yes, absolutely. You can use "Custom Footer" addon to change the whole footer box. (http://www.socialstrap.net/addons/)

How can I create pages and groups?

Navigate to:

Edit Profile -> My Groups / My Pages

and click on a button to create a group/page

What is the difference between pages and groups

While Pages were designed to be the profiles for entities, such as celebrities, brands or businesses, Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos and share related content.

Pages don't have privacy, they are always public and visible to all users and guests. Only the admin of a page can post there but the post's author (and avatar) will represent the page itself.

I want to allow only registered users to view my site

There is an option in admin panel for this: ”Allow public posts so the guests can explore the site”. Go to Settings -> General and disable this option.

I want to have a landing page instead of timeline

Go to addons http://www.socialstrap.net/addons/ and download "Splasher" addon. With this addon you can have your custom landing page.

Can I prevent users from creating groups/pages

There is an option called "User can manage groups and pages". If you uncheck this users will not be able to create groups and pages.

What’s the story with badges? How can we use this feature?

Admin can assign badges to users, groups and pages. Search for users and then click on Edit button. For example, you can assign “ok” badge to some users so they can appear as “verified”.

You can pick from 200 different glyph icons: http://getbootstrap.com/components/#glyphicons

and you can add translations for each one to your language files app/core/languages/*.php like this:

"bullhorn" => "One Fine Badge",
"camera" => "Cameraman",
"ok" => "Verified user/page",

Check this sample: language sample

How can I add friends

There is no such thing as "add as friend" on SocialStrap. You can follow someone and if he/she decide to follow you back you two will become friends. SocialStrap is using advanced following system so users can manage their relationships in most natural way. However, if you think your users are more familiar with 'friends terminology' you can tweak default language file and simply change strings like 'Follow', 'Followers', 'Friends' to something like 'Add Friend', 'Friends', 'Close Friends'.

How 'Friend suggestions' and 'Popular users\groups\pages' work?

All this is a part of "Power Lobby" addon. This addon is doing pretty complex math to match profiles which can be interesting for the current user. Please note that this add-on will cache this data for some time to reduce the server load.

Friend suggestion

This box will suggest friends of your friends and users following the same users as you in 50:50 ratio excluding people you already follow. Stop for a minute to understand this logic completely.

Popular users

Those are users with non-private profile security settings who have a highest number of recent followers excluding people you already follow.

Popular groups

Non-secret groups with a highest number of recent members excluding groups you have already joined.

Popular pages

Popular pages are those with most likes.

Can I change admin username?

Yes, admin can change any username including his own. Search for users and click on edit button. See this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D65MFDfx0BM You can have more than one admin user too.

What are mentions?

A mention is when someone writes your username like this ”@george” anywhere in the post. SocialStrap collect these posts in the Mentions tab on the Search page. You will also receive a notification when this happens.

Number of likes on image does not match the number of likes on the post?

Users can like a post but they can also like (or comment) each individual image on the post. Those are two separate things. Example: You can have 5 images on a single post, image No.4 is super cool and it will receive 50 likes while others are not so great and they may have 3, 6 or 8 likes. On the other hand the post itself can have 23 likes.

The layout is different on my language

The length of words varies from language to language. Content written in one language may take up more or less space on the page than another language. Because of this problem it is not possible to make the same layout on every language. You can overcome these types of problems by using shorter words to fit in to the available space. Another way would be to tweak your custom css (Settings -> Themes & Style) and to add some custom style like this one:

@media (max-width: 480px) {
  .btn {
    padding:2px 4px;
    line-height: 1;

You may need to add more layout tweaks on specific languages such as those that use RTL. For more info about RTL support see this page: http://wiki.socialstrap.net/index.php?title=Brief_Introduction#Right-to-Left_Support

Emails are going straight to peoples spam folder

Technically, php scripts do not send emails, that's server's job. In the past email service on the Internet has been abused so many times that noways most IP addresses and servers are blacklisted.

In SocialStrap you can overcome this problem simply by configuring which server will send your emails.

Log in as admin and go to Settings -> Email.Setup

There are two options:

1. php mail() - this is default, emails are sent trough the server on which the script is installed. If you are on shared hosting there is a big chance that your server is blacklisted and all emails sent from SocialStrap will probably be marked as a spam. On the other hand, if you have your own, well configured and maintained server, this will be the fastest way to send emails.

2. smtp - with this driver you can configure and use remote server or email service to send emails. I highly recommend this method in combination with Mandrill email service (http://mandrill.com/ free for 12.000 emails per month). You can even configure and use gmail with smtp. When you use proper email service you can see what is going on and easily track which emails are delivered. See this step-by-step video tutorial on how to configure mail adapter to work with Mandrill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmShp9X2OYA

It seems that notification emails are sent a few minutes late?

The script will wait for 5 minutes in case you are online and you can read your notification right away. If not, email will kick in and send notification via email. There is no point to send an email if you can catch up and see what's going on.

How can I integrate with MailChimp?

First you have to open MailChimp account, create a mailing list which will hold your SocialStrap users and to create a new API Key which will connect two applications together. API Key options on MailChimp are under Account Setting -> Extras.

Then, upload mailchimper add-on to your SocialStrap addons folder, log in as admin and go to Addons -> Mail Chimper. Enter your Mailchimp API Key into the box and click on update. If your API is ok on next screen you will be able to select a list where new users will be subscribed automatically. Click on update again and you’re done.


I need to customize/add some feature and to change the layout

I am not available for customization or freelance at the moment. You can try to find developers here: http://live.socialstrap.net/webdevs or at some freelance site.

Most important thing to remember here is that support doesn’t mean customization.

I have an awesome idea / feature request

Please post your ideas here http://live.socialstrap.net/webdevs so other developers and users can join your discussion and contribute.

General Questions

How can I update SocialStrap?

There are two ways to update this script: automatic and manual. Automatic is much faster and easier but it's a bit risky since it will overwrite all files.

First backup everything, especially if you have done some customization to the core files. Download the latest version and follow instructions from updates/README.txt

Make sure your web server has full permissions on all files and folders. Double-check whether this is still the case after you update the script.

Automatic update

If you haven't changed any files or customize the app too much you can upload only four main files to your server and application will update automatically. See this screenshot: http://wiki.socialstrap.net/images/updating_socialstrap.png

After the automatic update you can restore all your custom files back, probably some layout changes, email templates etc.

Manual update

To manually update your SocialStrap, unzip all files from data.zip archive and look into each new version txt file in updates/ folder for which files needs to be replaced on your server. If you skipped some update then you must read instructions and replace files for all versions in between, up to the current version using files from the latest version.

If I buy the license do I get free updates

Yes, all updates are free.

Why are pop-up images so small on live preview?

On live preview image re-sampling feature is on. This feature enable site owner to save on disk space by shrinking uploaded images to specific size. In addition, there is an option to keep the original file so the image can be downloaded in full-size.

What is the difference between roles user and subscriber?

By default there are no differences but you can make one with different settings. For example you can disable custom background image for users but allow this for subscribers. You can do something similar with pages and groups.

Can I use this on share hosting like hostgator or dreamhost?

Yes, you can install this on shared hosting, however, shared hosting may impose some limitations and restrictions. Hosting companies base their shared hosting business on many small customers with one or two WordPress sites. That way, they can charge a small price to a lot of people sharing the resources of a single server. If you have a small group of active users you can stay on shared hosting for a very long time but when your community starts to grow you will have to buy your own server.

How many users can SocialStrap support?

See Scaling section for more info.

Live Preview / Community site doesn't work for me

If you are still using Windows XP you should know that this OS has issues with new SNI SSL certificates (https). You may need to update your root certificates or simply use Firefox browser to avoid this problem. On Microsoft Windows Vista and above, the renewal of these certificates is handled by a background process in the operating system. On Windows XP, this was handled by Microsoft Windows updates which ended their support for XP.

Is this secure?

Nothing on the Internet is safe and secure. The real question is - is this secure enough? SocialStrap has been built by professionals using the best security practices. Furthermore, the script has been tested against the leading security scanners. However, you are solely responsible for your server, database, files and data so here are some basic security guidelines you can follow to reduce those risks to minimum:

  • Always use the latest SocialStrap version, updates sometimes contains security patches and improvements.
  • Pick strong password for your admin account, if someone knows your admin password he can take over your server.
  • Try not to use shared hosting, sharing your files with strangers is never a good idea.
  • Not all 3rd party addons are safe. One insecure or badly written addon can compromise your entire server.
  • Hacker can attack your server through other software, cms systems or ftp. If one software on the server is insecure everything else will be insecure too.
  • Never download or use pirate copies, they are most probably altered and may contain some hidden code.
  • SocialStrap need to write to some files but give your files only the minimum permissions to allow this. Ask your system administrator or a hosting company which permissions are more suitable on your installation.
  • Backup your files and databases and watch your server's logs regularly.
  • Enable ssl on your server and accept only https connections. This way all communication between user and server will be encrypted.
  • Test everything with non-critical data before going live.

If you suspect that your site has been hacked try to collect as much details as you can about the attack. How the hacker did this, what changes did he make, which versions of software you had, list of any additional addons or scripts on the same site, server logs etc.

Can I sell my website in the future?

You retain sole ownership of all data collected by SocialStrap script and you can sell your website but not your SocialStrap license since the licenses are non-transferable. In other words, if you choose to sell your website which contains a SocialStrap license on it, the new owner would need to purchase their own license. What many clients do is simply incorporate the cost of the new license in to the sale price of the website and purchase a new license on behalf of the new owner. If the license is purchased by a registered company the license owner will be deemed to be the current CEO of the company.